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Orthopedic Procedures

Dr. Ronald Kvitne – Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in the shoulder and knee – is an expert authority when it comes to evaluation and treatment of shoulder, elbow and knee injuries. Throughout his illustrious career, he has treated complex sports injuries of famous athletes and only recommends surgery after examining all other non-operative options. Dr. Kvitne’s practice also includes pre and post operative care, to ensure a holistic and permanent recovery and rehabilitation. He has treated many complicated shoulder, knee and elbow injuries and performs complex revisions on patients who have undergone unsuccessful surgeries elsewhere.

Dr. Kvitne’s Procedures Include:

Knee Repair and Reconstruction

The knee joint meniscus cartilage is especially susceptible to injury in cutting, pivoting and impact sports, particularly skiing. Some work injuries also involve cartilage and ligament damage. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most commonly injured ligaments of the knee. ACL cartilage injuries are quite common. Meniscus tear is another common injury that affects the knee joint. A meniscus tear is usually the result of either a traumatic incident like an accident or degeneration (especially in elderly patients).


Evaluation and Treatment of Nerve Injuries

Shoulder nerve damage occurs when the axillary nerve, which supplies the deltoid shoulder muscles, is affected by some type of trauma. Shoulder nerve damage may occur as a result of a direct shoulder injury like an auto accident or a sports injury.


Injured Shoulder Evaluation and Treatment

The rotator cuff is one of the most important components of the shoulder. It is comprised of a group of muscles and tendons that hold the bones of the shoulder joint together. The rotator cuff muscles provide individuals with the ability to lift their arm and reach overhead. Rotator cuff shoulder injuries can happen due to a traumatic incident like an accident or a slip and fall, or it can be more deliberate and due to a repetitive activity like baseball pitching or placing items on high shelves.

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Dislocated Shoulder Rehabilitation and Treatment

The shoulder joint has the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body and as a result is particularly susceptible to dislocation. In most cases, the head of the humerus (upper arm bone) is forced forwards when the arm is turned outwards (externally rotated) and held out to the side (abducted). This is the most common forms of dislocation. Posterior dislocation is the next common injury.

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Patient Testimonials:

Loved my time with Dr Kvitne. Everyone on staff was friendly and efficient. My appointment was scheduled for 7:30, I was out of the waiting room at 7:31, talking to the Fellow at 7:35. Both Dr Kvitne and the Fellow gave me excellent attention and answered all of my questions and explained why I was having problems with my knee.  – Betty (VERIFIED PATIENT)

The best ever! Dr. K is kind, patient, incredibly talented… I cannot say enough. I have had shoulder and knee surgery with him and both were entirely successful. The best…done deal. – Jo Anne (VERIFIED PATIENT)



Doctor Kvitne is a professional, confident physician who will be make himself your partner on this journey to a better, healthier you. He is compassionate, kind, caring and will take time to talk to you about your condition in order to find the best possible treatment. His bedside manner is like no other.

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